Makeup event and gourmet tour in Osaka

Feb. 2018(tantative)

Make event in Osaka.

After we enjoy the make up, we will enjoy Osaka ordinary foods.

Flash mob

May. 2018(tantative)

100 persons' Flesh mob collabotrated with BOZE style.

We are now planning to perfome in Tokyo.

We are waiting your joinning not only alopecia women, but also men with thinning hair.

Photo exhibition


Kickoff Make up Event(done)


Date:28th Oct 2017 am11:30〜pm3:00
Venue:Ginza Tokyo

Participants:Alopecia women and not alopecia women
Free:4,500yen(including lunch, make ,photo)

Event in NY(Done)

6th Nov 2017

Kajiki's Entertainment Show
The 2nd NY Off-Broadway
"Flowers and Arts Festival" The circle of peace united by flowers.
Date: November 6th, 2017
Venue: "Signature Theater Diamond Stage, "Off-Broadway, New York
Performer: Mitsuko Tsuchiya (trichotillomania), Junko Saito (alopecia), Masumi Tsunoda (alopecia), Akiko Hirose (alopecia), Yuki Matsumura
Singer: Wakako Ueda (blind)
Guitar: Tatsuya Fujiwara
Hair makeup: Junya Hirota
Costume provider: tenbo
You can attend by preregistration, please contact us for more information.

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Live now as ordinary self

We are alopecia specialist

Sometimes we encounter unreasonable problems that cannot be solved on our own.
What would you do to get through these occasions?

Although it is considered normal for people to have hair, you can meet a different you by wearing a wig, even for those who love the looks of baldhead.
While enjoying headscarf fashion, I used that inferiority as a motivation to live.
We are not special people. We exist anywhere.
Until now, we were just a dot.
But as the dots joined, a line was formed and when it became a solid line, we emerged and sympathized.

You don’t have to be hurt for losing your hair, we want to bring out the natural beauty that the person has.
We will make more connection between people without hair and the rest of the world.

To connect the future self and us.
To become the guide for the later generation.

Alopecia Style Project

In the Alopecia Style Project, we will continue to help people understand minorities while having fun.
Whether you have hair or not.
We want to connect people beyond the various barriers through a smile.


To trigger paradigm shift for hair loss.
To bring out the hidden beauty of women without hair and contribute to the creation of diverse society.

copyright(c) 2017 alopecia style project all rights reserved

Alopecia Style Project

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